Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our artificial grass is hard wearing, easily cleaned and is perfect for pets and children.
No more mucky paws or kids!

Yes! Artificial grass can be fitted on slopes, but must be well pinned down.

Now and again you will get leaves or debris, which are easy brushed off or hoovered up. Pets may soil or urinate which is easy hosed down and cleaned with disinfectant.

Artificial grass can last for years, depending on the level of wear. Most grass should last 10 years or more.

No! All of our artificial grass is UV stable and will not fade with sun.

Why use Artificial Lawns NI?

Competitive Prices

We have a large range of the best quality artificial grass at competitive prices to suit everyones needs.

Residential & Trades

Many years experience in supplying quality artificial grass to resident and trade customers.


We provide an installation service of the highest quality.


We offer a friendly, reliable and professional service.
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We look forward hearing from you

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