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Artificial Lawns N.I. is Irelands Premier Artificial Grass supplier,we supply artificial grass north and south of ireland.Whether you’re a home-owner, a business or in the trade, we can help.Contact Jonathan on 07495639045.

Artificial Lawns N.I. is Northern Irelands Premier Artificial grass supplier 

We pride ourselves on supplying artificial grass at competitive prices. We have a large selection of different grades of the best quality artificial grass.
We can provide samples of our artificial grass and deliver the grass as quickly and carefully to your door.
Nothing is ever a problem to us and we will always go that extra mile to make sure you’re happy with our service.

From the first initial contact to the quote and the delivery, we can assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Where can Artificial Grass be used?


Helps prevent that slippery green moss your power hosing every year to get rid of.


Keeping your loved ones grave forever green and low maintenance all year round.


Turning a dull space into a beautiful piece of garden or a play area for the kids.

Soil Garden

Transform your own garden to a low maintenance area, again forever green all year round.


Turn a dull hard garden area into a softer play area for the kids whilst giving a more vibrant look.

Why use Artificial Lawns NI?

Competitive Prices

We have a large range of the best quality artificial grass at competitive prices to suit everyones needs.

Residential & Trades

Many years experience in supplying quality artificial grass to resident and trade customers.


We provide an installation service of the highest quality.


We offer a friendly, reliable and professional service.

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We look forward hearing from you

Contact Jonathan on 074 9563 9045